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RAKUS is the provider of cloud services which improve business efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises. There are approximately four million SMEs in Japan. But their business management resources, such as budget and personnel, are limited compared to big companies. In addition, many SMEs don’t have dedicated in-house IT system specialists. Therefore, they are behind in introducing IT and improving operational efficiency. RAKUS has contributed to SMEs’ growth by providing user-friendly cloud services which SMEs can easily adopt. We also dispatch the IT engineers we have nurtured to those SMEs which have a shortage of IT specialists and help them flourish.

Message from the President

Message from the President

Aiming to be a company representing Japan
RAKUS CO., LTD. will challenge itself to achieve a big goal, which is to have 30% CAGR over the next three years, starting this fiscal year ending March 2019.
In this fiscal year which marks the first year of the plan, we will prioritize investment to accelerate growth. Therefore, earnings will be flat year on year. However, we will endeavor to achieve 30% CAGR in both revenues and earnings over the next three years.
We have been striving to grow RAKUS as ‘a company representing Japan’: a well-known company ranked in the top 100 listed enterprises according to market capitalization. There is still a long way to go at present, but we are determined to go through trial and error so that we can be ‘a company representing Japan’ as quickly as possible.
I’d like to ask shareholders and investors to continue with their generous ongoing support.



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